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Here at the Digital Set Top Boxes website we are determined to help you make the most out of the latest television technologies. You will get cost-effective and high performance freeview boxes through our website. We can also guide you through the plethora of accessories that are available to help you to enhance your experience of watching television. You can record your favorite programs and watch them later with the help of PVR freeview boxes. This tool makes it a must buy accessory for your television set. There are countless other enhancements too. Contact the Digital Set Top Boxes team for more information.

Welcome to the Digital Set Top Boxes website

Television technology is moving forward at a great pace, and from the digital switchover a new market in digital set top boxes has emerged. These allow you to view your favourite programmes whenever you want to watch them, and in high quality, which is fantastic news for film buffs across the nation. Obviously, not every consumer feels entirely confident heading to the shops and looking for a digital set top box that will perfectly suit their needs. To give you a helping hand, our website is here to talk you through the various set top boxes available. Speak to our Digital Set Top Boxes experts to find out more.

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This website has nothing to do with the old Sagem Digital website.

For more information regarding Sagem Digital please contact them directly on 08450 900 316.